Are you lonely?
I feel like absolute shit currently.

you are truth
you have a certain grace about you
trickling down your veins and
through your fingertips
you are electric
a pulsing rhythm of laughter and sugar,
a dynamic sphere of dreams and sunshine.
you are the bark of the tree,
the roots, branches,
and all of the leaves
but upon autumn,
rather than letting yourself fall,
you make me.
i’m sorry i have not always treated you
like the golden glass you are
but with everything i have
i will let myself rise and fall
in hopes of getting you back.
you are vanilla
a mirage of red and silver and
drops of honey and dew against the windows
you are light
and until i knew you
the world has never been brighter

 another lousy poem about you (via gwegg)

(via gwegg)